This is a story about a dear friend and neighbor to the Cary Community. Our friend's name is Chuck Prank. With a little help from his friends; he is about to hit Cancer out of the ball park.

Chuck was born in Chicago on September 10, 1954. He has lived in Cary for the last 17 years. In December of 2013, he began suffering from severe back pain and by January his condition deteriorated requiring tests including several MRIs, CT scans and a PET scan. The initial MRIs disclosed a large tumor in the pelvis area. A biopsy of the tumor was performed and was diagnosed as stage IV urothelial carcinoma, also known as bladder cancer. Because of the size and location of the tumor, surgery is not an option. The tumor has caused three fractures to the pelvic bone and has restricted circulation in one leg. The circulation issue caused infection and open sores in the leg which have now been brought under control during a stay at Good Shepherd Hospital. Chuck has not been able to walk for some time. After a week at Good Shepherd, he was moved to Lexington Health Care in Lake Zurich for physical therapy and rehab. He has undergone a round of radiation with no positive effect and has now begun chemotherapy treatments. As of this writing Chuck is now home with his family.

Chuck is married to his lovely wife Diane. They have two children attending Cary Grove High School. Both of his children - Brett and Brianne - attended Saints Peter & Paul School in Cary where Chuck was a frequent volunteer, and avid sports fan watching his children compete in a variety of scholastic and athletic events. If you ever attended the Saints Peter & Paul Annual Breakfast you were fortunate enough to sample Chucks soon to be world famous Scrambled Eggs. Chuck has also been a fixture as a coach with the CGYBS and Cary Crush Softball Organizations. It is through these associations we have grown to love and respect Chuck and his family over the years. We cannot say enough about how we consider Chuck truly a man of character, always demonstrating good will toward everyone he meets. His sense of humour and inherent kindness make everyone consider him a "salt of the earth" individual. It breaks our hearts to see what our friend is going through. Through all of this; Chuck has maintained his sense of humor, love of life, and genuine caring for others. He has never questioned this tough break he faces. This is yet one more example of his courage and depth of character. Chuck has worked hard throughout his life. Until his illness Chuck was a Pricing Coordinator for Lowes in Lake in the Hills. Needless to say, this ordeal is having a profound impact on the family's finances.

It is with this in mind that we make this request. Please consider purchasing a Tee Shirt or making a donation. The cost is $18.00 with one hundred (100%) of the monies going to The Chuckles Foundation. The foundation is sponsored by the Crystal Lake Lions Club and its foundation; The Lions of Crystal Lake Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) organization. The shirts are being made from TeamWerks Plus. Why the color yellow? The Color Yellow has been designated for the fight against UC Bladder Cancer. Once ordered the shirts can be hand delivered to your home or be picked up at TeamWerks Plus. Please contact Brian Isola at 630-817-0700 for more information.

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The Chuckles Foundation - The Crystal Lake Lions
PO Box 48 - Crystal Lake, IL 60039

Our office hours are: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM - Orders can be picked up at:
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